Question about a shoulder elevation model


I’m Donghwan Lee.

I have a few questions about my shoulder elevation model.

  1. How can I fix this problem “Kinematic analysis failed in time step 604. Position analysis is not completed”?

  2. My shoulder modeling has 3-DOF, which are elevation, abduction, and flexion. But how can I add more translations like 4~6-DOF?

  • It may be set unconstrained DOF?
  1. I’m supposed to do all tear cuff modeling of the shoulder. How can I remove the muscles?

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Donghwan Lee

Hi Donghwan,

Here are some answers:

1: does the gimbal warning appear just before the kinematics is failing? , if so you may need to look into the measures it warns about, i do not recall to have seen gimbal lock warning on the AC joint before. The remedy might be to change the to rotational measure in the AC joint to avoid gimbal lock. (This is only if the kin error happens when you get the gimbal lock warning)

2: Then you would need to change the GH joint definition, currently it is a spherical joint with a special arrangement of the reaction forces, which ensures that the reactions points within the glenoid cavity.

3: Please see the AMMR documentation page it shows how to configure the body model, like removing muscles.

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Hi, Søren.

Thank you for your help.

I got one more question,

If I change the gait_fullbody model(sample) to a shoulder_elevation model, is it possible?

I just modified from the gait_fullbody model to my shoulder model. But the results of the value are not correct.

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Donghwan Lee

Hi Dwan,

I am not sure i understand the question, the mocap model can be used for all types of motions it is not constrained to do only gait.

Please be more specific on the error you see on the values?

Best regards

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