Question about the result while foot do not contact the force plate


As for the experiment. For example, If I put an inclined plane on the force plate, and after that I put the force to zero. Then I jump onto the inclined plane and get the v3d file.
I import the file into Anybody and will the results like joint angle be affected as the foot do not contact the force plate? I am wondering because the force plate has a force whose direction is vertical but the foot have a force whose direction is not vertical.

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Hi Lydian,

As i understand your experimental setup you will be fine.

The force plate will measure the forces and the markers will drive the human. The forceplate will not change the motion of the body, these will still come from the markers.

The one thing you should be aware of is that the force plate will automatically detect which foot is on the plate and the settings associated with this might need to be changed, because the foot is lifted away from the plate. Please see the different options in the force plate class.

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Thank you for your reply, and I will try to do such a experiment.

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