Questions regarding lesson 5, AMMR2.0

Dear AnyBody,

I am following the lesson 5, tutorial of AMMR2.0.

In this tutorial, after using to a new c3d file from the same subject, I was instructed to run MarkerTracking of Kinematic optimization again, followed by parameterIdentification, and then RunAnalysis (including combined MarkerTracking and InverseDynamics).

I cannot fully understand the order. Why cannot I pretend this is a new study on a new subject, and do a ParameterIdentification and then RunAnalysis, instead? Or, we do not need to do ParameterIdentification multiple times for the same subject, and do MarkerTracking and InverseDynamics?

Thank you,

Hi Phoebe,

You are supposed to RunParameterIdentification followed by RunAnalysis, they done separately, because multiple trials will only require running ‚ÄúParameter identification‚ÄĚ once.

The tutorial might be a little confusing because it takes you step by step and refers to the previous results. If you have some suggestions how to improve the flow of the tutorial - please let us know, it would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards,