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I had a question regarding the Any2Fea script, and how the radius of influence is calculated. The documentation says that the default value is 1cm. However, I observed that the influence of radius in the Abaqus file generated has different values depending on the muscle group.

*node, nset=NS_Leg_Mus_BicepsFemorisCaputLongum1_1
*coupling, constraint name=CON_Leg_Mus_BicepsFemorisCaputLongum1_1, ref node=NS_Leg_Mus_BicepsFemorisCaputLongum1_1, surface=anybodysurface, influence radius=0.012239
*distributing, weighting method=UNIFORM

I was wondering what is the logic behind -

  1. Any2Fea choosing the influence of radius
  2. How the user should alter it.

Also, does the mesh size of the tibia used in the stl file (since this is a subject specific tibia) affect the influence of radius.


Hi @v22

A good source of info for the AnyFE2Abaqus tool is our tutorial on the matter.

You can alter the radius with the -e argument for the tool. So you do something like AnyFE2Abq.exe -e <new radius value> to change it.

The mesh size does to influence the radius but you could get into a situation where your mesh is to rough and the selected radius does not include any nodes to distribute the load onto. So you might need to change the size pending on your mesh quality.

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