Reaction force in knee joint

Hello, everyone.
Could you please explain for me why it has more than 3 components of reaction force at knee joint? (attached image) This results was taken from GaitLowerExtremity model of AMMRV 1.5.

Thank you.

Dear Tien Trinh,

The default knee joint type of our human model is a revolute joint.

A revoulte joint has 1 degree of freedom, and there are 5 constraints.

So there are 3 reactional forces and 2 reactional moments in the knee joint.

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Thank you for your answer. I have one more question:
Can I modify the model of lunge activity to perform squat activity? If it is possible, could you please give me some instruction? ( I had mocap data of squat activity)

Dear Tien Trinh,

We would appreciate very much if you can make only one post at a time.

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I understood. I am sorry about that.
Thanks for the notice.