Repeated Forces as a result of using AnyMechOutputFileForceExport

While analysing the forces included in the exported (AnyMechOutputFileForceExport) txt file, I found that some forces are repeated.
For example Force
is repeated with two different RefFrames:


Why the force is repeated with two different RefFRames? And how to consider such a force in FEA?

Another Question,
I understood that the sacrum is included within the pelvic ring segment (and also share the same local coordinates frame), however when I needed to export all forces (muscles&joints) associated with the pelvis segment:


I couldn't find two missed forces, which I managed to find when I exported the restults for also sacrum segment:


These two forces are:

Why these two forces are exported only when refering to ".SacrumSeg"
Knowing that many other forces segments are coupled to the sacrum nodes, they still being exported normally when referring to ".PelvisSeg"

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Hi Ahmed,

The forces are repeated because the muscle goes through via points, these via points works as "needle eyes", so there will only be a force present if there is a kink on the muscle line of action on the node.

In the current model pelvis and sacrum should be considered as one segment. We are in the process of fixing this by moving muscle attachments which are currently located on the pelvis to the sacrum segment.

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