Result Analysis

Hii Sir,
I want to know that is there any particular algorithm to decode the results. For eg. i am analyzing a gait model, during the cycle the overall muscular activity keeps on changing like 60% or 70% etc what is the exact value of 60% ??? how can i decode it means that of force is exerted in Newtons???

Hi Deepa,

It is a very good idea to start with the tutorials to understand what muscle activity in AnyBody means: tutorial.
Overall activity (i presume you refer to the MaxMuscleActivity) is the maximum activity observed in all muscles of the model during specified motion. You can look individually at each muscle and see its force, activity and other parameters. Please try opening Chart2D/3D and browse the model. If you don’t understand what individual values mean - please press F1 and read the reference manual. Typically a good explanation is available.

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