Results compared with experimental data

After I ran the following examples in AnyBody: GaitLowerExtremity, GaitFullBody and GaitVaughan, I found the calculated hip joint contact force does not show the trend similar with experimental data (
Bergmann: Hip contact forces and gait patterns from routine activities. 2001)
In experimental data, there are two wave crest. The first wave crest is higher than the second one. While in AnyBody results, this situation is reversed. It seems that the calculated data is not correct enough.
Please could you tell me what kind of data in AnyBody I should adjust to achieve a similar result as the experimental data?


unfortunately there is no button “Replicate experimental results” ;-).
Al I can give you are some comments on the topic. First of all, some of Bergmanns results also show a reversed trend, please have also a look at The data shown is from people who underwent hip surgery so there might be some difference to the data/gait of young, healthy people (which is the data in the repository based on). Finally it is not a general feature of an AnyBody analyses that you get a higher second peak. Gait is quite different for people so different results should be expected. I have some data showing all different trends (first peak higher, second higher, both the same).
Sorry, that I cannot provide you with more, but this is not an easy topic.
Best regards,