results' comparison

Dear folks,

often i would like to compare the activity or foces of muscles resulting from two different configurations, e. g.

  • two different postures, in order to see, which muscles is especially needed for a motion
  • two different body heights or weights to see the influence of these parameters
  • etc. etc

That means: One model is used to perform different tasks, or two models are used to perform the same task.

Now the question: How can a muscle activity/muscle force comparison of these two results been performed within AnyBody. The only idea i have is to compare the results one by one, but this method is tedious and not graphical.

Is there another way?



Hi Thomaz,

Sorry for late reply.

As you know, currently there may be no convenient way for your purpose.

But we are aware of the users’ needs and we hope to provide some new functions of various outputs for users.

Best regards and thanks for your patience,


5 cents from me:
One can use parametric studies (AnyParamStudy) to find out differences between different activities/weights/other parameters.

I would personally run many studies with desired parameters in console (a bit more flexible), output everything into text/xml files, and do the postprocessing externally.

Best regards,