results of muscle activity

I used the model based on repository of “GaitFullBody” and after the caculation, finding that the activity of some muscle is over 100%, I think the optimization for inverse dynamic analysis in it is polynomial one which p=3. how should it be explained and what can i do to adjust that?
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It means that the model is too weak to perform the task done by the real person. One reason can be that the model is not scaled properly. Check that you are using the ScalingLengthMassFat low and that the segments length is correctly optimized.

An other reason is that some poeple are more athletic than others, and even if the ScalingLengthMassFat low take it into account and scale the muscle strength, it has its own limitations. So depending on the real person corpulence you can adjust a little the strength coefficient/index in the HumanModel folder.

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Thank you very much:)
I also want to know how the anybody works with the reaction force? I heard that it still works well without putting ground reaction force into the model, how should I understand it if AnyBody can make the GRF out what is the meaning of putting the real measurement of GRF into the model? if I load the real measurement then the automatic results of AnyBody does not work or…?


It is indeed posible to replace the measured GRF by an automatic calculation. But is it less accurate. So you should definitly prefer the measured force from the force plate.
The automatic calculation is to be used only if no measured force is available at all.

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I can not find the ScalingLengthMassFat low, there is ScalingLengthMassFatExt and ScalingLengthMassFat, but ScalingLengthMassFat low. The activity of the muscles is highly over 100%…

The scaling laws can be found in the following folder :

There is also a tutorial on the subject

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