Rotatores muscles

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I noticed that in the new spine model the Rotatores Brevis and Longus are included in the thoracic part but not in the lumbar part. Are you planning to include them in the lumbar region as well?

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Hi Alice,

It is amazing that you already found it :smiley:

We just defined them in the thoracic part since it is most prominent in this region, based on the literature. And it is probably needed when you look at the scoliotic postures.

Another point is that if you examine the multifidus muscles, you will see that their insertions and origins are mostly close to each other, connecting vertebrae with a difference of two or three levels. Therefore, they can somewhat handle rotation. However, in the thoracic region, these points are farther apart, making the rotatores muscles necessary for connecting adjacent vertebrae. Since axial rotation primarily occurs in the thoracic part, the rotatores muscles are particularly needed there.

However, as you know, there are always discrepancies about these things, and some people might have them while others might not. If you think the model needs it and you have time to add it, please share it with us so we can include it in the AMMR.

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