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There is a main. project whose inversedynamics operation takes about 2 hours to finish.
As you can see it is a long time. And when I add only two series in the Chart result, The software starts to show no reaction and close itself. As I need this kind of result, I feel sad when my job which takes about 2 hours to finish ends in just a few miniutes.
So I am wondering if there is a way to save the inversedynamics analysis so that I can get the results when opening it without spending so much time? Or do you hace some suggestions?

Thank you

I can see that is really annoying. You can save the results though. After the IverseDynamics analysis is done right-click the Output folder inside the study. Then select "Save data". You can then select where to save the data in which format. The format "Deep" or "Flat" doesn't matter unless you need to open the data in for example Matlab or Python.

When you later reload your model you can reload the data without having to re-run the analysis. Simply right-click the Output folder again and select "Load data".


Thank you for your reply and I will try it. If it works, much time will be saved.
Also, I have another question. As I need to compare two results in one chart, I click the “Add Series” button and add a series. In order to see the difference between the two series, I change the color of one series and after I adjust the R value and press the “Enter” button. The software begin to show no reaction and close itself after less than a minute.
I bought my computer 3 months ago and it has enough storage. So what may be the reason for its closure? Is there something I can do in the software to improve the problem?

Thank you

I don’t know what is going wrong. I will try to reproduce the problem. Until it works I can recommend exporting the data to and other program and then do the comparison there.

There several options. The simplest is to select “Copy->As text” in the chart view and then paste the data into Excel or similar program.

A second option is to create a AnyOutputFile class to export the two variables into text files.

A third option which I often use is to open the “*.anydata.h5” file saved from AnyBody. Both Matlab and Python has options for reading HDF5 files, which is the format data is saved in. Here is a short guide on how to do it with Python:

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