Scaled segment length/mass

Dear AnyBody Team

I am using:

AnyBody version : 6. 0. 4. - MoCapModel (AMMR.v1.6.2)

I would like to read out information on segements afer scaling. I am interested in the segment length and mass after scaling. Can I find this information in the InverseDynamicStudy - Output file (I have saved all outputs as h5 data).

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Hi @nathalie

By default the Anthropometrics folder of the model is not included in the study and therefore not in the output and h5 file. You can either include it yourself or create a AnyOutputFile containing only the variables you are interested in.

for segment masses and dimensions it could look something like this:

      AnyOutputFile SegmentMassesAndDimensions = 
        FileName = "SegmentAnthropometrics.txt";
        Search = {

you add the above code to your InverseDynamics study and the file will be generated when the study runs. Note that the search path might need to be changed based on your model structure.

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AnyBody Technology

Dear Bjørn

Thanks for your quick reply.
Unfortunately I am still using AnyBody 6 - in this version no Anthroprometrics exist in the HumanModel.

If I am correct I can go to Studies - HumanModel - Scaling:
In MassScaling or GeometricalScaling I can find the scale factor. This factor I can use to multiply the StandardParameters. Is this correct?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi @nathalie

You are correct in using the scales factors to get the scaled anthropometrics.

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