Scaling a new segment with the pelvis scaling function

Hello AnyBody Team,

I have defined a new segment with different nodes in the PelvisSeg.any file in addition to the PelvisSeg.
Now I would like to scale my entire new segment with the geometric scaling of the Pelvis, so that all nodes of my new segment are also moved. How can I apply the scaling function of the Pelvis to my new segment?

Many thanks and best regards


Hi Nikolas,

We recommend not to modify original AMMR files. You can define all your new objects in your model. If the AMMR is changed - we can no longer know the behavior of the human model.

You can access all the modelled objects from outside and define additional ones in your working files. For example, you can access the pelvis scaling function using the following object:


But keep in mind, that this function is a complex function that also expects morphing objects to be in the Anatomical Frame of the pelvis.

Kind regards,