Scaling in one dimension

Dear all,

I need to do patient-specific modeling for patients with a small height and high body mass.
“ScalingUniform” and “ScalingLengthMass(Fat)” both lead to very broad bones with an unrealistic appearance in the model view.
Thus I´m looking for an easy way to scale the Femur, Tibia and Fibula bone of a MoCap model along their longitudinal dimensions only. However, they should still adapt to the body mass.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.
I am using AMMR v.1.6.3 and AnyBody version 6.0.5.

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Hi Fabian,

We do not have anything out of the box that will solve your request, but what you could do is to define your own anthropometric scaling law by copying an existing one and updating particular scaling functions for the bones of interest.

#path BM_SCALING_MY_FILE "Input\MyScalingLaw.any"

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Hi Pavel,

this worked very well. Thanks a lot for your quick response.

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