Seated Human, Contact.Surface.Lin.Push.any, remove support element

Hello, I have a very basic question regarding the Seated Human.

I would like to use the Seated Human but remove all the support elements except the seat.

The headrest is still easy to do. But with the other elements, the kinematics analysis is faulty.
I use "Locate in AnyScrip" to display the connections of the files and comment out the corresponding sections for LegRest, for example. From LegRestSupport.any onwards, however, I get nowhere. This is related to ContactSurfaceLinPush.any.
Taking out LegRestSupport or parts of it does not work, probably because of links to ContactSurfaceLinPush.any. However, I cannot remove ContactSurfaceLinPush.any. because the other support elements also access it (i.e. at least the seat must be able to access it).

Can you help me with the linking and unlinking of support elements?

Sorry, but the other comments around FrictionContactMuscle, Seated Human, contact.surfaceLinPush.any, have not helped me for understanding.

Kind regards,

Hi @Juliana,

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? could it be done with one of the other template models? the standing human maybe? and then alter the initial position mimic whatever posture you want?

The Seated Human model is quite specialised for its purpose so removing all the support conditions is going to be tedious. Try and start with one at a time and replace it with other drivers for those degrees of freedom to keep the model in balance.

Best regards
AnyBody Technology

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