Segment coordinate systems for shoulder


I am wanting to understand how the segment/joint co-ordinate systems of the shoulder joint are defined.

I went to the following site:

And found this line:
The segment coordinatesystem are according to the ISB proposal, please see

This sounds like it will provide the information I require. However when I click on the link it leads to an error message that the page is not found. Do you have this reference in another form that I could access?

Many thanks for the help


Hi Monique,

thank you for telling us that the links on our wiki are outdated, we will work on that and make changes in the next days!

The ISB shoulder Protocol was introduced by the International Shoulder Group and the DELFT university. I have a link here to a paper from Wu et al. 2005 dealing with that matter:

I hope it helps a bit! If you need more, I’ll have to dig deeper…


Thanks for the quick response.

The paper that you have sent me is a link to the ISB’s recommendations on joint co-ordinate systems (Wu et al 2005). From what I have read in previous posts I was under the impression that the joint co-ordinate systems of the shoulder were not defined in line with the ISB recommendations. Could you please check this and confirm for me?




I think you are right, I remember something about a rotation compared to the ISB standard. I will look into that now!
Additional I found following link, it’s still working:

It might help a bit, I didn’t go through everything.


Hi Monique,

I have just update the wiki pages with new links

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