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I’m not sure what is calculating in “selected output”.
Are “joint reaction forces” takes into account muscle forces or neglecting the influence of muscle forces?
Which variant is calculated in anybody? In consequance I need both 1) joint reaction forces (without muscles) and 2) contact forces (with muscle forces). Where are find results for these two points?

Could you correct my thinking?
In AnyBody Technology firstly are calculated moments in particular joints (taking into account the ground reaction forces and inertia forces), and then in the process of optimization are calculated muscle forces and joint rection forces (with or without muscles?) Optimization is performed in “some” loop until to find an optimal solution?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Anita,

In the joint reactions all loads are taken into account both external loads and forces from muscle contractions.

To get the joint reactions not taking into account the muscles contraction forces the easiest way would be to run a model with no muscles in, this you can do by congifiguring the body model to have no muscles, see e.g.

When running the model with no muscles it will add torque generators (as anygeneralmuscles )in the joints instead, two muscles for each DOF a positive and a negative muscle. They can be found in the jointmuscles folder of the leg, spine, arm .

AnyBody do not solve the dynamic equilibrium equations by first finding the needed torque it is using a direct optimization of the muscle activations instead please see e.g.

If you have any further questions please let me know.

Best regards

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