Set Up own MoCap Data

Hi everybody,
can someone help me to set up my c3d file in Anybody. Which are the first steps I have to do?
The movement sequence is an overhead drilling activity.
I am currently using AMMR 2.2.1 and Anybody 7.2.1.

It is not possible to upload files here now.
Best regards and many thanks in advance

Hi Sam,

Please see this wiki post on this topic

Let me know if something needs more explanations.

Best regards

Hi Søren,
thank you for your replay.
How can I place my own markers correctly in Anybody? I'm having trouble with that.
For example: - MarkerPlacement=Trunk.SegmentsThorax.SkullSeg-

-sRelOpt = {0.115,0.08,0.045};-
Could you please explain how I can read these values from my own C3D file?

Thank you very much, already in advance

Hi Sam,

The short answer is that these values are not in the C3D.

You will need to place the marker on the skeleton based on visual inspection the marker needs to be placed like it was in the experiment as good as possible by adjusting the sRelOpt value.

Best regards

Hello Søren,
thanks for the feedback. I need to add my own markers in the MarkerProtocol.any like below:

#ifdef _RASI
// Marker on the Right Anterior Superior Iliac
CreateMarkerDriver RASI (
MarkerName= RASI, **
) = {
** sRelOpt = {0.035, 0.005, 0.125};


->Name of the markers in MarkerProtocl.any are the same as in the C3D file I suppose? (I have 78 own markers)
->Do I have to change anything else exept the placement?

Best regards,


You can just #define the marker first, then change the highlighted part.

#define _RAsis
#ifdef _RPsis
// Marker on the Right Posterior Superior Iliac
CreateMarkerDriver RPsis (
MarkerName= RPsis,
) = {
sRelOpt = {-0.195,0.04, 0.04};

You can also check the "AnyBody.7.2.x\AMMR.v2.2.1-Demo\Tools\AnyMocap\CreateMarkerDriverClass.any" for better understanding.

Best Wishes,

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