Setting a pose after MoCap Model scaling and calibration using c3d data


I would like to run MoCap Model driven by dynamic c3d data but later I would like to relate some distances I calculate to ones in the anatomic position. So after running analysis (Kinematics is enough for me) I would like to set model to position I can describe in Manequin file and read results. I was wondering what is the best option to do such thing. I thought of creating study based on study in FreePosture model but I am not sure how to relate the model with the one already scaled and calibrated. Do you have any suggestions?


I think your approach will work so i would copy the inverse dynamic study of the mocap model, and change its drivers to act like the free posture model. This would allow you to have optimized dimensions transferred and modify the drivers.

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Thank you a lot! I did it according to your advice and it seems to work :slight_smile:
I will only check, If the model is scaled properly.

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