shoulder-analysis while swimming

hello everybody,
i´m searching for a model which is able to simulate swimming, especially the shoulder movements are important for my aim. i want to analyse the joint loads and muscle-forces during the front crawl to specify the pathologic “swimmer shoulder”.
if someone knows such a model or even a similar one, please contact me.


Hi Max,

A couple of years ago, a student of Prof. Nakashima from Tokyo Institute of Technology developed such a model for coupling with the SWUM model, There are several problems involved with the creation of such a model:
[li]Acquiring the movement - it is not easy to do motion capture under water. However, the SWUM model has some movement built in.
[/li][li]The muscles. The shoulder motions in most swimming styles are very large and this means that the wrapping muscles of the shoulder model can get into trouble. I believe that Prof. Nakashima’s student spent a lot of time fixing these problems.
[/li][li]The kinetic boundary conditions. The model is floating without any fixed connection to ground, so you have to come up with a creative way of grounding it enough to get reasonable equilibrium conditions but not enough to impose reaction forces that are not present in reality.

If I were you, I would look a little into SWUM and perhaps get in touch with the people behind it. Perhaps they would be willing to cooperate or share their model.

Best regards,