Shoulder elevation with scapular rhythm under load

Hi guys,

I’m working with version 4.0.2 and AMMR 1.0. I rencently implemented your scapular rhythm (deGroot, 2001). Now I do an elevation from 0 to 120 degrees with a 2 kg dumbell at the hand. The problem is that I get a muscle saturation from 90 degrees of thoracohumeral elevation and i don’t know why, because lifting a 2 kg dumbell should not be that hard. The model is the original one, with no change, except for the rhythm. Do you also get a saturation ?

Thank you


Hi Pierre,

I just tried a load case similar to what you describe and the muscle activity reaches 1 but doesn’t go higher. So the model can still do it even if with a large effort. And lifting 2 kg with extended arm is actualy not so easy for an average person (i also just tried it myself).
So i think the results are resonable.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Hi Sylvain,

Ok so maybe my definition of muscles reaching their maximum activity is erroneous and is far more than just not being able to perform a task. I just wanted to be sure that the results that i get were correct.

Thank you very much.