Single leg stance model ?

Hi everyone,

I had a look at the models present is the repository but I didn’t find a “single leg stance” model.
Is there such a model available for static analysis in Anybody ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi So_Any,

We encourage to use your real name since this is a professional forum.

Please find the model attached. This model was demonstrated at a workshop in Lyon this year.


Alright, I will keep that in mind.

Thank you very much for your help, I could not expect a better answer.

Hi everyone,

I find more suitable posting a message in my own old thread rather than opening a new one.

More than two years ago, I have been working on the single leg stance model provided within this conversation.
I was not able to check the residual forces. Is there a way to do so ?

By the way, is there an upgraded version of this single leg stance model ?
I did not see anything in AMMR 2.1.0. Maybe somewhere else ?

Thanks for your help,


The model was not updated since then, but it should probably work or, at the worst case, require minor corrections. It is quite generic and not very specific to any AMMR version.

What residuals are we talking about?


Hi pgalibarov,

Alright, message received then, I will continue with this model then.

Residuals that I am talking about are additional external forces applied to the model to obtain the equilibrium.