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I was trying to open the example "Sit-to-Stand" offered by you, but I found the following error message:
Do you know how I can solve this problem?
And in my research, I'm trying to use motion capture data to make an exoskeleton move with a human model and find some information. Do you think it is possible to change the Sit-to-Stand example to accomplish this task?

Hi Thales

You would need to provide the address of the libdef file in your demo AMMR. Typically, the AMMR is copied into the documents folder. So, the path could be something like this:

You can find the link to the installed demo AMMR through the AnyBody Assistant dialog, Demo tab.

If you want to use mocap data, I suggest you use one of our mocap models as the starting point. Try to, firstly, run the mocap model with your data. Then, you can bring in the exoskeleton-related changes from SitToStand model into your mocap model. You will have to be careful not to bring any drivers from the SitToStand model that may conflict with your mocap data.

Best regards

Hello Dave,
it worked, thank you! I will try to understand the model. Moreover, I was doing the tutorial "Creating human-machine integrated analysis model" and I saw that several files were included. How can I create these files for my simulation?


Hi Thales,

That's great.

Can you be a little bit more specific with your question, please? I would like to understand which files you are talking about, so I know what they do and give you a relevant answer. Also, it would make sense to know what is it that you would like to do in the context of the files you mention. In your previous post, you mentioned that you would like your exoskeleton to be driven by the human motion. In the fitness machine tutorial, however, the human model is driven by the fitness machine.

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Hello Dave,

If I understand correctly, in the tutorial "Creating human-machine integrated analysis model" it is taught how to make the integration between the human body and a machine in general. During the tutorial some files were introduced such as: "CoM_View.any", "HumanRefNodes.any", "MachineOperation.any", "Mannequin.any" and "JointsAndDrivers.any.". So, I believe that if I want to do my simulation with an exoskeleton, I need to create these files only for my simulation. If the information is correct, how can I make them?


Hi Thales,

That is correct, the tutorial is for making a connection between the human model and a machine. However, your application is different from the case of the tutorial. As you mentioned, you are using your own mocap data, whereas, the tutorial is working by driving the fitness machine and creating some connections between the human and the machine to drive the human. Therefore, you don't need to follow exactly like the tutorial.

Of the files you have mentioned, you will need a file similar to HumanRefNodes.any where you create some reference nodes on the human model for connecting the human and the exoskeleton. Then, you will need some joints between the human and exoskeleton where you can use the JointsAndDrivers.any file for inspiration. These files can serve as an inspiration and as an example of how to make these change. But, you will have to create/modify these files yourself based on the connections you want between the human and the exoskeleton.

I think the other files are not so relevant in your case.

I would also like to point you to this Wiki page that describes generally how you should approach connecting the human and exoskeleton.

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