size of spherical in Model View

I found an interesting way to specify coordinates of the model in the viewer:
When one moves the visible area (pan, with the hand icon), a spherical appears. After having moved the location of interest (node or whatever) to the centre of this spherical, one can inspect the location of the sphercial (which is also the location of the node) in the property window of the model view.

However, the spherical is a bit big. Can its size be made smaller?



PS: The node’s locations are of course better available from the model tree, but sometimes there is no node at the desired location.


Indeed, this is an interesting approach! Currently, the dimension of this sphere cannot be edited.

Have you considered using widgets? Not sure if they are easier to use though.

Hi Amir,

what do you mean with widgets?

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A AnyDrawWidgetLin could be used to position a node on the point of interest and you could see in the model tree the position of the widget. There is more in the reference manual about widgets

  AnyDrawWidgetLin DrwWidget = {
    RefFrame = &Main.ArmModel.GlobalRef;
    Target = &Main.ArmModel.GlobalRef.TricepsLong.sRel;
    AnyMat33 t_relrot = RotMat(45*pi/180, z);
    RelRotMat = &t_relrot;
    AxisOnOff = {On,On,On};
    UpdateEvent = OnMouseRelease;
    Operation = &Main.ArmStudy1.InitialConditions;

In the following example the widget is connected to the body, but you could also connect it to new node:

interesting, i didn’t know about this. Thanks!