Some setting problems of FDK

I don't quite understand when the setting of SingleSidedOnOff in FDK should be turned on or off. For example, I only touch one pair of prostheses on one side, and the other uses natural joint contact, so the elastic modulus of the prosthesis pair is quite different. Now I set SingleSidedOnOff=on for both prosthesis contact and natural joint contact. Under such circumstances, will the choice of master and slave surfaces have any influence?

Hi Hong,

From the reference manual:

In case of a double sided contact calculation (SingleSidedOnOff set to Off), a contact force is calculated for the pairing from master to slave surface and from slave to master surface and the contact force, moment, contact area and the COP is computed as the average, the MaxPenetration is the maximum of the maximal penetration of both surface pairings.

So, yes, the choice of master and slave surface will have an influence if you use SingleSidedOnOff= On.

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