Spinal curvature and pelvic tilt

Dear AnyBody Team,
I would like to analyse whole body movements with the AMS. I would like to include subject-specific spinal curvature of the thoracic and pelvic spine in the model. Pelvic tilt should also be taken into account. Is it possible to determine the postural parameters (spinal curvature, pelvic tilt) experimentally and adapt the model accordingly?

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Hi Nikolas,

In the current version of AMMR you can not change the thoracic curvature only the lumbar and cervical curvatures can be modified. We are working on an update to the model but it has not been released yet in AMM, a few more details are available here Thoracic spine model — AMMR v2.4.4 Documentation (anyscript.org)

You can apply your own drivers to the model as you want, and control the posture in different ways, by default the model will add spinal rhythms to the model so by setting pelvic/thorax rotation the angles of the individual joints are set. If you want more control the rhythm can be disabled.

Hope it helps.

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