Spine curvature in static position

Hello team,

I would like to modify the spine curvature of a simple standing model (I am just interested in static measurements). I am been looking into the "SpineFixationWithForceDependentKinematics.main" but there is not clear to me how I can use the values of the angles that I have for the respective thoracic, lumbar, and sacral segments. I am wondering what would be the best approach to modify the curvature to obtain my desired subject-specific model.

Thank you for your help.
Maria Prado

Hi Maria,

Is there a particular reason for using the force dependent model ?
The model you have selected will determine the spine curvature based on a force equilibrium.

If this is not needed it would be easier to use another model like eg. the standing model .

In the standing model the overall angles btw. pelvis and thorax is driven and similar btw thorax and head. The individual joints in between are driven by applying a rhythm,

This rhythm can be disabled see Trunk Parameters — AMMR v2.4.2 Documentation (anyscript.org)


by default these are ON and only the angles i described would be needed. By setting them off you make it possible to set each angle individually.

Hope it helps.


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