Spine fixation with force dependent kinematics model

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I would like to use the SpineFixationwithForceDependentKinematics but without the implant; so as to measure effect of rotations of the model without the implants influence or effect. Please let me know how i can achieve that.

Also, do i have to do anything else other than using PCSA value of zero to turn off multifidus off? and is there a specific difference between 'multifidi' and 'thoracic multifdi' that's why they are separated into two components in the "MusclesSpineParametersRight and Left" scripts?

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Dear Faris,

  1. //#include "Model/SpineFixation.any" - outcomment this example of a device.
  2. Check MechObjectExclude of AnyBodyStudy class, where you can exclude an object from analysis. But setting PCSA to 0 or other value could work just as well.
  3. Thoracic multifidi - have an attachment on the Thorax segment. Multifidi - lumbar spine only.

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate it

Previously I deleted the text in the script in "SpineFixation.any" and put the implant stiffness as zero in the "input parameters.any" but I found different results in mediolateral reaction forces values during flexing movement, also in lateral bending mediolateral reaction forces values, same for the mediolateral values of torsion. The proximodistal and anteroposterior are the same. Shouldn't the mediolateral values be the same as commenting out "spineFixation" as you mentioned before? and which one is more correct?

Thanks again

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