Spine Model


I’m trying to understand how the spine has modeled in the software. I read some articles (for example “A generic detailed rigid-body lumbar spine model”) but I have two important questions, please help me:

  1. The software uses a measure to distribute spine movement and reduce its DOF to 3. Its name is “SpineRhythmDrv” which located in “jointsLumbar.any”. How do you determine the coefficients in “SRMatrixes.any” ? Are there any articles or source to help me?

  2. I can’t understand Intra Abdominal Pressure model clearly. Can you introduce a reference to understand this model? I can’t find such IAP model in literature.


Dear Majid,

  1. Please find the reference to the spine rhythm question: http://wiki.anyscript.org/images/b/b6/Spinerhythm.pdf

If you look on the forum there have been many related questions and answers. But briefly - the spine rhythm distributes thoracopelvic angle into the individual angles of lumbar spine joints by defining some weights for each joint.

  1. Please find the reference to the IAP description: http://wiki.anyscript.org/images/7/7e/AbdominalPressureModel.pdf