stair climbing


I’m a new user of Anybody and I want to model some activities during pregnancy. I have some questions.
I insert a segment as a baby and connect it to the Trunk\Buckel in MoCap model, but I don’t know how to put the baby segment inside the abdominal muscles, such that the baby is covered by them.

Besides, I want to model stair climbing (I didn’t conduct any real experimentation yet, so I don’t have any C3D or force plate data). Using Seat.stl file, I created some stairs in MoCap model, but I don’t know what should I do for human model to step on stair, instead of walking on force plates, such that the ground reaction force and muscle force are calculated during stair climbing.

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Hi Fatemeh,

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I think i would connect the baby segment to the pelvis so that it would rest on pelvis.

To do that:

[li]add a node on the pelvis for creating this connection
[/li][li]You can add the node using something like this :

AnyFolder &ref= Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.SegmentsLumbar.PelvisSeg;

ref ={
AnyRefNode BabyConnector ={
    sRel ={0?,0?,0?}; 
    AnyDrawRefFrame drw ={};

[li] by changing the srel value you can move the node the correct location
[/li][li] Make baby segment
[/li][li] Connect the segment and the connector node using a AnyStdJoint

Concerning the stair climbing, this i would not advice to do without having at least mocap data, if you are not able to find such data please consider to model e.g. gait using the mocap model in AMMR instead or using a standing model, it will be too difficult for you to create a realistic stair climbing motion without data.

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