.stl file in CAD


I want to export .stl file to ABAQUS. The software IA-FEMesh metioned in AnyBody tutorial is quite limited in ability. I also tried solidworks, but the problem is that solidworks is very slow to process the model from AnyBody (.stl file).

Can anyone recommend a good CAD software which can open .stl file properly and do a good job in meshing and modifying models.

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For geometry modification, I would recommend RapidForm(http://www.rapidform.com/) or GeoMagic. Of course they are commercial software.

I hope this may help you.

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Hi Jerry,

You can use a number of different software to do this task - depends on what is available in your company/institution. All FE packages have built-in meshing features, but some of them are limited to a good input surface. Once you have a good closed surface it should be possible to mesh it in Abaqus directly or in any mentioned packages.

You may use an opensource MeshLab software to process/improve your STL file or diagnose topological problems of your mesh.

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