STL file not found in Anybody tutorial

Dear Sir,

I am trying with Anybody Tutorial: 6. A Study of Studies, lesson 1: Mechanical System Information.

I have downloaded the arm2d.any file, but not able to find dumbbell.stl file. When tried to load the arm2d.any file it shows following error.

Please help


Hi @manan

Sadly that is a bug, we will fix that.
In the meantime here is the missing stl that you can put next to your model file. (17.3 KB)

Thanks a lot for reporting this!

Best regards,

Thanks @Bjorn ,

Now it has got loaded.


The online tutorials have been updated, so both file are now included in a zip file.

AnyBody Tutorials! — AnyBody Tutorials v7.3.4 (

Thanks a lot @manan for reporting this, and @Bjorn for the fix.

Thanks @melund and @Bjorn


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