Studies In GaitFullBody Model

In GaitFullBody Model, Stuides is consist of KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification,
ParameterIdentification and OptimizationParamter. I run only one sequence in model,
all sequences are running. I guess that this is sequence of running model, and then
I wonder that the each of parts role and outputs.


if you run the MotionAndParameterOptimizationModel, you have following 3 studies included:
ParameterIdentification &

As you can see in the name of the study, the KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification reads the C3D file and runs the kinematics, ParameterIdentification is used to identify and select parameters & in the MotionOptimization the HumanModel & the JointAngles are optimizeed.

At the moment it is not possible to run only one sequence within the FullBodyGait model.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply, I understand that.

Then, when is loaded sclaing system maneaged

segments lengths and masses?

Thank you for your reply, I understand.

Then, when is loaded the system,

for example ‘anyman.any’ and scalinglengthmass.any,

scaling segments lengths and masses?


find more information about scaling in the following tutorial:

Thank you for your reply,

but I want to know the time when scaling system is loaded,

before KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification or after…?

And I want to know the study included marker position optimization,

what is identified in ParameterIdentification

and what is optimized in MotionOptimization detail.

I want to study about three stuides in GaitFullBody,

would you give me documents included information about

studies input, output, running mechanism and so on?


The scaled HumanModel is loaded for the KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification.

At the moment I’m not sure what documents to give you for further information about the studies. Did you go through the tutorials

[li]Parameter studies and optimization[/li][li]Posture and movement prediction[/li][/ul]