Switching off MannequinDriver


for a project of mine, I am trying to run the LegPressMachine model with a set of own angles for the hipflexion, kneeflexion and ankleplantarflexion. Up to now I only got the knee running. I tried to switch off the default drivers for the hip in BodyModel.MannequinDrivers.ClassTemplate, to create a new driver with my data in the JointsandDrivers file.

Any tips to solve this problem or where to switch the default driver off?

Thanks you in advance.

Regards Flo

Hi Florian,

Welcome to the AnyScript forum!

In the LegPressMachine model, the default mannequin drivers are already disabled. However, in the model, some of these mannequin drivers are added through the JointsAndDrivers.any file. These are mainly for constraining the upper body (trunk and arms).

For the leg, you have the AnyStdJoint (6 constraints) between the foot and the footrest that can move linearly along its joint line. Therefore, the foot has 5 constraints since the footrest (and, thus, the foot) can still slide along the joint line. This sliding motion is indirectly constrained through the knee flexion driver that you can modify through the TrialSpecificData.any file. With the AnyStdJoint of the foot and the knee angle driver, the model has 6 constraints for 6 degrees of freedom of the leg.

If you want to add your own hip and ankle angles, then you would need to free some other constraints, for example, the AnyStdJoint should be replaced by another set of reduced constraints that can allow the motion you want to input.

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