T11 and T12 surfaces

Hi all,

I’ d like to move the surface of T11 and T12 ribs and I tried by multiplying as follows

AnyFunTransform 3D &Fun = .Scale * AxD1

(Where AxD1 is the rotational matrix that corresponds to the displacement I want to give them) in the section AnyDrawSurf T11costa11… in the anybody file SegmentsThoraxIndividual.any.

It doesn’t work, how could I do?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Noemi,

You are trying to multiply a reference to the transformation object with a matrix. This should not work since these two objects have different nature.

Possibly you can make a pipeline of transformations to apply this rotation on top of the scaling:

AnyFunTransform3DIdentity Combine = {
 AnyFunTransform 3D &Fun = . .Scale;
 AnyFunTransform3DLin Rotate = {
   ScaleMat = . .AxD1;
   Offset = {0.0, 0.0, 0.0};

This rotation will applied after the Scale function.

NB. It is generally not recommended to modify the repository - we will not be able to support further since we do not know what modifications were made. But i understand that this might be needed - please remember to let us know that you are working on a modified repo next time.

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Thanks for your help, I’ll do that!

Kind regards,