the 3D model file transfer

Hi, AnyBody supports,

Sorry, I have a question that no straight relationship with AnyBody Modeling.
I mad an Elliptical 3D model like the following picture(it’s a .obj file).

And I want to transfer the file to .stl by using meshlab, then put it into AnyBody.
But when I put the .obj file into meshlab, the drawing can not appear on the model, just like this.

I usually download the 3D model on “3D warehouse”, and transfer it to .stl file.
This is the first time I build a model myself, because I need the size to be the same with the elliptical I am working on.
So I just wondering how you make the model with the drawing on the shape like this

The attach file “Elliptical” is the elliptical .obj file and the drawing.

Thanks first, :slight_smile:
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Hi Yeh,

It seems that you would like to build your own elliptical machine analysis model in the AnyBody Modeling System from external geometry data.

Then importing only a single-combined geometry of that machine does not make sense.
You have to define all individual parts(geometry, mas properties and initial positions) and the kinematic relationship between those parts(joints and constraints)
if you want to simulate the effect from the real kinematics and kinetics of exercise machines.

Then I would suggest you to use some CAD systems such as SolidWorks.

We released our SolidWorks2AnyBody module which can translate the SolidWorks assemblies into corresponding AnyScript modes.
You can find the previous webcast about that here:

And the following link shows a demo of SolidWorks2AnyBody:

I hope this may help you.

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Hi, Moonki

Thanks a lot, now I know what I need to focus on.
But SolidWorks2AnyBody will be a new software to me, I’ll try to find out it.

Best regards, :slight_smile:

Hi Yeh,

SolidWorks2AnyBody is an add-in application to SolidWorks.
And it is included in the normal AMS package after 5.3 version.

There are three conditions if you want to use SolidWorks2AnyBody:

  1. Your AMS version will be later than 5.3.
  2. You should have a normal SolidWorks software license.
  3. Finally, you need an additional SolidWorks2AnyBody license which you can buy from us.

Following links shows how to install SolidWorks2AnyBody:

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