the function Gactually of Min/Max Muscle Recruitment

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In AnyBody ,we use the Muscle Recruitment ,which i study how it work in AnyBody Tutorials. The important problem is that how to figure out what the function Gactually. In the Tutorials,Linear Muscle Recruitment,Quadratic Muscle Recruitment and Polynomial Muscle Recruitment,there are the the function Gactually,but aboat the Min/Max Muscle Recruitment ,I got the message "Mathematically, it turns out that we would get exactly that kind of recruitment if we let the power of the polynomial criterion go to infinity. It would not be numerically possible to do that with the polynomial algorithm we presented in the previous lesson, so it is necessary to use a dedicated algorithm for that purpose. In its pure form it is called MinMaxStrict, and we might as well try it out on the bicycle example right away. " in the Lesson 5: Min/Max Muscle Recruitment of Inverse Dynamics of Muscle Systems.
I want to know the function Gactually about the Min/Max Muscle Recruitment.
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You could have a look here:

Journal of Biomechanics 34 (2001) 409±415
Technical note
Muscle recruitment by the min/max criterion - a comparative numerical study
John Rasmussen, Michael Damsgaard, Michael Voigt