The new model repository

There have been some questions recently about the new repository
version. We announced some time ago that is was coming up, but so far
nothing much has happened except the preview version I uploaded for
Sarah on Dec. 20. Let me give you a brief update on the situation.

The new version was supposed to be released together with version 2.1
of the AnyBody Modeling System, which has actually been ready for
some time. However, several of you reported problems with the ID
analysis in the FreePostureModel, and we were indeed able to
reproduce these problems. Unfortunately it turned out to be very
difficult to find the root of the problem and we have literally spent
weeks tracking it down. We do not want to release a new version of
the repository that has a significant known problem, and this is the
reason for the delay.

Right now the status is that we have located and fixed one problem.
The problem was related to the ilio-psoas muscle and in some
situations could cause the spine to collapse because of lack of
stabilizing muscles. We believe we have solved this problem now, and
we are currently testing it. We are still unsure whether there may be
another problem as well.

So, in case all tests go well, we hope to be able to upload the new
version of the repository soon. If we discover a new problem, then we
may be further delayed.

I am sorry for these delays, but tracking down bugs in such complex
models can be really difficult. The preview version is still
available in the files section of the group, but it is stripped down
to just Sarah’s application. The Aalborg part of the BRep is
complete, but it does not contain the ilio-psoas improvement yet.

I wish all our members a Happy New year. Thanks for your interest in
AnyBody so far. We continue in 2007 to improve the software and model
library and your help is extremely valuable to us in this respect.

AnyBody Support