tibia plate

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I am doing the FEA analysis of the proximal tibia plate with anybody tibia bone.I am using this reference frame for exporting loads on tibia- Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Left.Leg.Seg.Shank. Is this right reference point system?
As anybody modeling system applies realistic loads but i want to do the worst case analysis to check how much loads our bone plate can bear or i want to know bending strength of bone plate with tibia plate in realistic conditions? Is it possible in anybody that i can raise the loads applied upto worst case? Idea behind it that i can make a comparison with magnitude of loads apllied and displacement occur in bone and plate using anybody? Sir please suggest me the right approach.


  1. Yes, it is the right ref. frame if you want to output something for the left tibia. Please make sure you use the left side for the FEA and do not mix them.

  2. Probably you need to talk to your supervisor about what you consider to be the “worst case” scenario. It might be an increased weight of the subject, significant reduction of the bone quality, and many other factors. Depending on what you choose you would approach this problem a little different.

What you can do in AnyBody is a) to change the activity of daily living to a more challenging task that might bend your plate; b) increase loads on the plate by increasing weight of the patient; c) try to implement different pathologies of the muscles that might lead to a “worst case” scenario.

Unfortunately we can only help you with specific technical questions regarding AnyBody Modeling System. So please try to ask those on this forum.

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