TKA-KneeBendDemo model required!

Dear AnyBody-Team,

In order to model more detailed knee joint forces in trauma surgery project, the TKA-KneeBend model according to the publication of Marra et al., 2015 would be very convenient for me. However, the model has been temporarily removed from the AMMR. When will it be added again? Unfortunately, modeling the knee as a hinge joint is not accurate enough in my case.

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Hey Simon,

you can request access to the AMMR Beta on GitHub, and if you change the branch to "tka_recover" then you can find again the TKA-KneeBend model under \Application\Beta\TKA-KneeBendDemo.

However it is still based on the TLEM 1 geometry and hasn't been updated to the TLEM 2.1.
The baseline coordinate systems for thigh and shank differ between the two TLEM, so you would have to manually adapt all the reference points for implant positioning, ligament attachment and so on.

I don't know if there is any better and more precise solution, or if anyone at AnyBody has some updated code that they could share.

I would also need to use such model.


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