Hi there AnyBodyTeam,

in my LegTLEM\Mus.any-file I found an pre defined option for muscle wrapping when setting the TLEM_MORPHOLOGY parameter to “2”. While searching for an option to change the value I found the if-statements in GenericBodyModel\BodyModel.default.preprocess.any where “2” is defined when TLEM_VERSION “2.0” is used. Does that mean, that the predefined muscle wrapping option is just used if I use “2.0”? Where can I look up the differences between TLEM 1.1 and 2.0? I want to play around with the wrapping option to see how the joint reactions are changing.

Currently I’m working with the 6.0.2 version, the AMMR_161 an the MoCapModel.

King Regards,

Hi felix,

There are some TLEM_MORPHOLOGY and TLEM_VERSION parameters in the latest AMMR version. That is written for the preparation of the future version of TLEM leg model.

But at the moment there is nothing released about new TLEM leg data.
So at the moment those parameters do not have much meaning to you.

Best regards,