TLEM2 ligaments in the AMMR?


I cannot find anywhere in the AMMR/TLEM2.1 the ligament models of the lower limb, nor the coordinates of the insertion and origin points from the original TLEM 2.

I have a vague memory that the ligaments were previously implemented and accessible the TLEM1, and it was possible to turn them on and off with a simple switch. I helped a student working on something like this back in 2015, so it has been a while and I might not remember correctly.

Have the ligament models been removed, or I just can't find them?
I'm specifically searching for the knee ligaments.


Hi Enrico,

Here is a short answer,

The best place to look for ligaments in the AMMR models are in

Knee Simulator Model — AMMR v2.4.2 Documentation (

Best regards

Hi Søren,
thanks for your answer.

I was already looking at the knee simulator model but when I tried to use the coordinates of the ligament nodes on femur and thigh from that example

and included them in any other model (let's say the StandingModelScalingDisplay for example), the nodes looked completely out of place (red ref frames)

(tested with SCALING_NONE and with both TLEM1 and TLEM2 geometries but both look odd).

So I guess that the ligaments' insertion coordinates from the TLEM2 dataset/template are not available?

Hi Enrico,

You are right,

It looks these points have been made for that specific bone without consideration of scaling, so they are not directly transferrable.

We do not currently have these ligament insertion points available in AMMR for the the TLEM model, but we hope we will be able to incorporate these at some point.

Best regards

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