Hi Anybody~

I met with problems when importing the model from Anybody to Abaqus. I have already solved some of them, but I still have a question. Following the AnyBody tutorial about abaqus interface, I could do the FE analysis successfully. However, when I try to export forces calculated from Anybody Mocap model, I can’t even get xml file. I still used “AnyMechOutputFileForceExport”, but it did not work.

It’ll be great if you could give me some advice!
Many thanks for your help!

Hi Alice,

It is great you found solutions to the previous problems. Could you briefly mention what it was? I do not believe i saw this one before.

Regarding the other question - it is most likely the problem of non-existing folders for the output (just judging from my experience), but otherwise it is really hard to say what went wrong. So the solution might be to manually create folders that are supposed to used for the output. Another problem might be that the file paths are not correct. Do you use an AMMR outside of Program Files?