To Mark de Zee:Questions about Cervical Spine Model

Hi, Mark,

Now I am still new to AnyBody.

My potential Ph.D. dissertation topic will be to construct a cervical spine model using the AnyBody modeling software.

I read some published papers of yours.
My question is that: did you put the cervical spine model (equipped with 136 muscles) mentioned in your paper in the AnyBody modeling software already?
I only found this file: AMMRV1.1\AMMRV1.1\Application\Examples\MaxForceNeckModel
Is this model the same as what you used for the papers what you published before? If not, then please tell me where I can find the model file.

Thank you!


Hi Cathy,

The neck model is indeed implemented in the version 1.1 of the repository. The example MaxForceNeckModel is an example where the only the neck model has been used in order to find the maximal force production of the neck muscles in different directions.


Hi, Mark,

Glad to get your reply! I have three more questions to ask here:

(1) There are 68 pairs of muscles mentioned in Van de Horst’s Ph.D. thesis work. In your neck model file of MuscleCervicalSpineLeft.any, I found 12 pairs of muscles are missing, like the Trapezius (number of 16-23) and Levator scapulae (number of 53-56).

Did I miss getting these muscles in your model?

(2) You used these two variable for the neck muscles: PCSA and F0, using AnyMuscleModel.
I understand that it is difficult to find the reliable muscle parameters.

If I want to modify the model with AnyMuscleModel3E (hill-type model), do you have any suggestions to construct more parameters for the neck muscles?

(3) All the neck muscles are using AnyViaPointMuscle.

Does it mean that there is no wrapping muscles included in the neck mucles?

Thanks a lot for your work in the model construction!


Hi Cathy,

(1) These muscles are actually part of the shoulder model, so that’s why they are not mentioned in the MuscleCervicalSpineLeft.any, but when you load for example the application MaxForceNeckModel these muscle are in the model.

(2) It is indeed not so easy to find the right parameters for neck muscles if you want use the 3 element Hill model. So we choose to use the simple muscle model. But if you have the right parameters it is pretty easy to implement those in the model. That would also give you the possibility to investigate the influence of the more detailed muscle model compared to the simple one.

(3) Indeed all the neck muscles are using AnyViaPointMuscle.

Greetings, Mark