total body weight different from foot reaction


when performing an inverse dynamic analysis of the default StandingModel (original unmodified AMMRV1.5, AB 5.3) which simulates static upright standing, the force from the feet to the ground is different from the weight of the body:
Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.TotalBodyMass is 74.935 while
Main.Model.ModelEnvironmentConnection.Drivers.RightFootReaction.Fout is -373.0498
But 2* 373.0498 is not equal to 74.935 * -9.81 The difference corresponds to more than 1 kg.

Where does this difference come from?

Thanks, Thomaz

Hi Thomaz,

As far as I remember, there used to be a mass missing. This has been fixed a year ago. I just checked in AMMR v1.6 and AMS 6.0.3 and it is the same number.

ah, ok, thanks, Sylvain