Transferring the model to the new version AnyBody

Hi everyone!
Our team is having a problem transferring our model to the new version of Anybody software. We applied the SeatedHuman demo model, and inserted the steering wheel, gear level, etc, and it worked well in Anybody 5.0. However, after we transferred the SeatedHuman model from Anybody 5.0 to Anybody 7.0, the value of muscle activity of Gastro and TA(gastrocnemius muscle and tibialis anterior muscle) became much smaller, like from 5% to 5^10-15, what could possibly be the problems? Thanks a lot!

Hi @tian

Both the AnyBody Modeling System and the AMMR have undergone a lot of changes from version 5 -> 7.
I would advise to check the changelog of both to see what have changes.
You can find the AnyBody Modeling System changelog from the gui by clicking "Help" and then "Release Notes"
The ammr changelog is located here.

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