Transtibial amputee model

Hi Anybody team

I am currently working on building a transtibial amputee model using the MoCap model as the template. I have been referring to Nucibella 2009. In that, section, he explains about removing the foot and talus in the seg.any file. I am a bit confused here. I have created two separate copy of seg.any and modified one in which I removed the foot and talus. But I do not understand where have been it defined in the Model to refer separate legs. For example, I would like to remove tibia and foot from the right leg. I cannot find where in the model this can be defined to use two separate files (seg.any) for separate legs.

I have seen that in the directory LegTLEM/Leg.root.any, the seg.any have been included. But this considers for both the legs. So, do I have to include the new edited seg.any inside “RightLegTDSimpleMuscles.any” by creating a new Leg.root.any and defining the new seg.any inside that?

Or is there any other method for define separate legs?

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.


Hi Vishal,

I think there are two ways to accomplish this in the model.

1: use the MechObjectExclude availble in the AnyBodyStudy. this allows you to simply exclude objects from being taken into account in the study. The objects will still be visible in the model but they will not be part of the calculations and visually you will see them not to move.

2: make you own custom leg…
[li] copy the entire leg folder to a new folder
[/li][li] in the body model ensure the new folder is being used for one of the right side
[/li][li] Make the needed changes in the seg, jnt and muscles files…

Best regards