Trouble with reference when using Insert Object Name

AnyBody Version 5.00
AMMR Version 1.3

I have modified the GaitFullBody motion capture-driven model for my needs. The model is working correctly, until I try to include an output file. The code I inserted, briefly, is…

AnyOutputFile output = {
FileName = “EMGOutput.txt”;
AnyFloat DeltScap1 = Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy.Output.HumanModel.Right.ShoulderArm.Mus.deltoideus_scapular_part_1.CorrectedActivity;

Before adding this code, and after running the inverse dynamic model, I used the “Insert Object Name” function to insert the reference above, but when I try to run the model with that additional code, I get the following error:

ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : X:/D…n/A…s/C…s/S…n/A…n/E…s/G…y/GaitFullBody.main.any : ‘HumanModel’ : Unresolved object

I’ve followed the example from “create an output file” section on the All about Anybody Modeling System. I’ve tried inserting the code above in several places in the AnyBodyStudy folder for the InverseDynamicStudy section, always as a direct “subfolder”.

Why can it not resolve the object when I used “Insert Object Name” after running the model? Am I overlooking something? I’ll post the model, if necessary.

Dear Christopher Moore,

Your post is in the self-supported forum where you can’t expect our official support.

If you want us to have a look at your model for debug, then could you please upload your model as a zip file in the following place?

Best regards,