Troubles with Optimization

In your Tutorials “Optimization studies”
I’ve made all tasks, which previous for:

“An interesting way to investigate the convergence is to plot it in the variable/objective space rather than over the iterations. This is what we need the window with the parameter study surface for. At the top of this window you will find panels listing series and data to be plotted. Please right-click in the series window and select “New””

When I’m trying to make it (insert new serie “Serie1”), window “AnyBody” closes (In version 3.0.4).

sorry for the problems. I don’t have 3.04 installed, but a quick fix could be to simply download a different version. It sounds like a particular problem of your version. Please do not choose V.4.02, the others should work ( I checked with 3.1 and 4.01.
Best regards,